TMS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas

The annual TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition ( took place this year from March 10 to 14 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It was - as always - a meeting place for over 4000 scientists, engineers and other participants from the world of industrial and academic materials science, production and processing, as well as about 80 exhibitors. Among other things, it is the annual meeting place of the Light Metals Division, i.e. upstream topics on aluminium and magnesium technology with many high-ranking representatives from industry.

Michéle Scholl und Lucas Schöler präsentieren ihr selbstgeschmiedetes Schwert beim internationalen TMS Wettbewerb „Bladesmith Competition“ – Foto © FSU Jan-Peter Kasper

This year the program - as already started at the MSE 2018 in Darmstadt - was complemented by a joint event, the DGM-TMS Symposium on "Lightweight Metals", which mainly dealt with down-stream topics (application, further processing etc.) (for details see: TMS-DGM Symposium on Lightweight Metals: A Joint US-European Symposium on Challenges in Light Weighting the Transportation Industry)

Other main topics were additive manufacturing, ICME (case studies, education, etc.) and classic topics such as material characterization, and much more.

Among the various awards presented at TMS this year was Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hael Mughrabi, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, who received the Institute of Metals/Robert Franklin Mehl Award and gave a highly acclaimed lecture on "Revisiting 'Steady-State' Monotonic and Cyclic Deformation: Emphasizing the Quasi-Stationary State of Deformation".

The DfG has also sent a representative (Emily Formica) with the intention to promote possible cooperation between Germany and the USA (DfG and NSF) at the next TMS conference (2020 in SanDiego), or to provide interested scientists with a special session with opportunities and assistance in applying for stays abroad.

In addition to numerous events for young scientists, one of the highlights especially for students and prospective metallurgists was the "Bladesmithing Competition". This is a competition in which independently produced swords are presented and evaluated. This competition focuses on practical work in the processing of metals and other materials and has been run by TMS since 2015 and is enjoying increasing popularity. More than 20 swords were exhibited in a specially equipped exhibition area. Also, the participation was international, although five of the six awards went to USA participants. The German contribution, the sword of the University of Jena (source:, was presented by the representative of the Young-DGM Mrs. Michéle Scholl and attracted special attention by the fact that the supplied film of the production was shown in the plenum. Even though it did not win any of the six prizes itself, all participants received one of the TMS coins minted for the occasion.

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