First meeting of DGM Regionalforum Erlangen on April 2nd, 2019 in Erlangen

The DGM Regionalforum Erlangen was founded in 2018 as the local chapter of the German Materials Society (DGM) with the goal to offer a communication platform to connect and facilitate the exchange between the different sectors involved in "materials science and engineering" in the Erlangen and Northern Bavaria region, with strong emphasis in developing networks between industry, universities and other research institutions.

The first meeting and scientific seminar of the DGM Regionalforum Erlangen was held on 2nd April 2019 in the FAU Department of Materials Science and Engineering (WW). The program included presentations by Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (Chair of DGM Regionalforum Erlangen and Chair of WW Department), Dr.-Ing. Anton Stich (Audi AG Ingolstadt) and Prof. Carolin Koerner (Head, Chair of Materials Science and Engineering for Metals -WTM), with a final discussion round table moderated by Prof. Mathias Goeken (Head, Institute for General Materials Science).

Moreover a poster session was organized in which PhD students of the different Chairs of the WW Department presented their latest results.

Also the student association of the WW Department was present. The theme of the Forum was "Metallic Materials for the Mobility", which was covered from the industrial and academic perspectives by the two speakers and was then analyzed during the Round Table discussion. Specially the future directions of personal mobility were discussed with focus on materials challenges, alternative technologies and infrastructure needed to enable the large scale introduction of electric vehicles, which includes the shift of vehicle design. There was agreement about the need for further investment as well as increased research and development efforts in the general field of electro-mobility including new generation of large vehicles with electric-powered drivetrains.

Prof. Boccaccini was elected chair of DGM Regionalforum Erlangen for 4 years. He said: "I am very happy that we have established the DGM Regionalforum Erlangen, with the support of colleagues of the Department Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, the University of Bayreuth, Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg, Univ. of Applied Sciences (TH) Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, in addition to have the support of the key industrial players in the region. We will further invite other "materials" stakeholders in the region too, in order to generate a broad platform for dialogue and academic-industry exchange in the form of seminars, site visits and discussion events. In our region there are strong activities in materials technology both in industry and academia, with the FAU Department of Materials Science and Engineering being the largest of its kind in Germany, and I am certain that the DGM Forum will facilitate and promote the communication between the different stakeholders".

In the first meeting of the Forum the two DGM presidents were present: Prof. Frank Mücklich (science) and Dr. Oliver Sven Schauerte (industry), pictured with the members of the Executive Board of DGM Regionalforum Erlangen, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini, Dr. Tobias Fey (Institute of Glass and Ceramics), Prof. Carolin Koerner and Prof. Mathias Goeken. The two Presidents also took the opportunity, after the Regional Forum, to hear the participants about their ideas on the further development of the DGM in its 100th year of existence. In particular, the expectations of the DGM from its studies to the various career stages in industry and science were discussed at a time of ever faster changes and international interdependencies. During their term of office, the two presidents intend to continue this open, direct discussion format with the DGM members and all interested parties on similar occasions at other important locations of DGM members.

Prof. Dr. Aldo R. Boccaccini
Vorsitzender des DGM-Regionalforums Erlangen​​​​​​​


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