The DGM congratulates:

For data protection reasons, contact and personal data are NOT allowed to be published in the DGM-Newsletter. However, you can view them in the DGM member directory.

  • Professor Yotaro Murakami (102-year birthday)
  • Mrs. Ruth Ziegler (89th birthday)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Hansen (88th birthday)
  • Dr. Philip Gruber (86th birthday)
  • Professor Oskar Pawelski (86th birthday)
  • Professor Professor Wolfgang Bernhardt (85th birthday)
  • Dr. Heinrich W. Kettler (80th birthday)
  • Professor Friedrich Klein (80th birthday)
  • Professor Heinrich Kreye (80th birthday)
  • Professor Andrzej K. Bledzki (75th birthday)
  • Professor Axel Eschner (75th birthday)
  • Professor Günter Gottstein (75th birthday)
  • Professor Jürgen Huber (75th birthday)
  • Dr. Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink (70th birthday)
  • Dr. Peter Paul Schepp (70th birthday)
  • Dr. Peter Stratmann (70th birthday)
  • Professor Martin Stratmann (65th birthday)
  • Dr. Jörg Bossert (60th birthday)
  • Professor Lothar Kroll (60th birthday)
  • Professor Margret Blank-Bewersdorff (35 years DGM membership)
  • Mr. Kurt Ehrke (35 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Karl Johann Draheim (30 years DGM membership)
  • Professor Oliver Kraft (30 years DGM membership)
  • Professor Andreas Ludwig (30 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Johanna Baß (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Professor Gerhard Biallas (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Mr. Rainer Gaebel (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Professor Berthold von Großmann (25 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Uwe Hofmann (25 years of DGM membership)
  • Dr. Christian Holzapfel (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Jens Kiehn (25 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Hellmuth Klingelhöffer (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Karsten Kunze (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Thomas Mütschele (25 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Jochen Norwig (25 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Martin Schmitz-Niederau (25 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Stefan Schneider (25 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Bernd Sommer (25 years DGM membership)
  • Professor Peter Greil (20 years DGM membership)
  • Dr. Jürgen Wesemann (20 years DGM membership)
  • Mr. Werner Kachler (15 years DGM membership)
  • Professor Hans-Werner Zoch (15 years DGM membership) 
  • Mr. Martin Antalzur (10 years DGM membership) 
  • Mrs. Pia Bernburg (10 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Florian Bittner (10 years DGM membership) 
  • Mr. Benjamin Kruppke (10 years DGM membership)
  • Mr. Andreas Lau (10 years DGM membership) 
  • Dr. Bernhard Meier (10 years DGM membership)

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