DGM-Fortbildung vom 26.08. - 28.08.2019 in Dresden

The chairman of the training course „Nano-scale Materials“ in Dresden (Germany) is Prof. Dr. Ehrenfried Zschech.

The course will provide knowledge in the field of nanoanalysis. After a short survey, advanced techniques for the characterization of thin films, nanostructures and nanoparticles will be explained. New results from fundamental research will be presented, and application-specific solutions will be demonstrated as well. Challenges to nanoanalysis techniques in the industry will be an additional topic. Special examples for applied studies in micro-, nano- and optoelectronics as well as in the fields of renewable energies and lightweight construction will be demonstrated. Nanoanalytical studies at metallic, inorganic-nonmetallic and organic materials will be reviewed. As an integral part of the course, we are offering a practical half-day lab training in small groups in one of the following fields of research that should be chosen by the participant:

  • scanning electron microscopy / focused ion beam technique
  • micro- and nanomechanical characterization techniques
  • techniques for particle analysis.

All lecturers are experienced experts in the field of physical and chemical analysis and are mentioned with their presentation.

The course is intended for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of nano-scale materials and nanoanalysis. The subjects covered in this course extend from fundamentals of materials science and analysis to the current nanotechnologies and challenges in industry. Scientists, engineers and technicians working in industry, research and education, who are interested to extend their knowledge in nanoanalysis, will benefit from this course.

Further information an the entire programm of the course can be found here.    

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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