Meeting of the Expert Committee on Textures, 29.3.2019 in Garching

The meeting took place in its proven form as a joint meeting of the DGM Expert Committee Textures and the SF2M.

The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

Advancements in texture analysis (This theme includes, among others, the following subjects: Methodological developments using X-rays, neutrons and electrons)
Fundamentals and simulation of texture
Texture of high entropy alloys
Texture of additive manufactured components
Texture related topics
In addition 13 interesting lectures were held and 6 posters were shown. As always, there was a lively discussion.

There were 24 participants from Germany, France and Belgium. On the evening before a cosy meeting took place in the restaurant "Garchinger Augustiner". In addition, a guided tour of the MLZ was offered in the afternoon.

The next meeting in spring 2020 will be organized by Prof. Dr. Leo Kestens in Ghent. The exact place and date will be announced in due course.

Prof. Dr. Werner Skrotzki
Head of FA Textures

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