Material inspection made easy: Fraunhofer scientists develop universally applicable broadband eddy current electronics

© Fraunhofer IZFP / Uwe Bellhäuser inspECT-PRO: Breitband-Mehrkanal-, Mehrfrequenz-Wirbelstromprüfelektronik zur Integration mittels Hutschienenmontage: Prüfung auch von schwach leitfähigen Materialien wie kohlestofffaserverstärktem Kunststoff (CFK)

Current developments in the field of industry 4.0 such as the digitalization of production plants and processes provide massive new challenges to nondestructive inspection technologies. Fraunhofer IZFP scientists in Saarbrücken have developed a novel eddy current platform, which is able to operate currently necessary interfaces. As a consequence, the platform can easily be integrated into digitization concepts. As part of a multimodal electronics series, experts from this Saarland research institute present the inspECT-PRO eddy current platform at the 33rd Control in Stuttgart from 7 to 10 May 2019 (hall 6, booth 6301). To the press release

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