If one asks about the "big themes" of DGM history, one can quickly identify scientific-technical or political-economic developments. But on closer inspection, one can discover an area that describes a remarkable change in mentality. At the beginning of the 1990s, the age structure of membership gave cause for great concern. What were the reasons for the lack of young talent? To put it badly: The Annual General Meetings passed by the interests of the younger generation, and even worse, their role was reduced to that of silent consumers.

DGM News

On Wednesday 22 May, the FEMS Executive Committee and General Assembly members attended the Materials Day, organised by DGM at Fraunhofer...

For data protection reasons, contact and personal data are NOT allowed to be published in the DGM-Newsletter. However, you can view them in...

DGM Expert Committees & Working Groups

The DGM Management Board and DGM Office would like to thank Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Hirsch (Hydro Aluminium) for his leadership of the...

The DGM board and DGM office thank Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Neidel (Siemens AG) for the leadership of the working group Portable Metallography...

The DGM Management Board and DGM Office would like to thank Mr. Reinhard Hintemann (KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG) for leading the Heavy Metal...

Further dates of the DGM Expert Committees & Working Groups

imgWorking Group Mechanical Material Behaviour at High Temperatures in the Technical Committee Material Behaviour under Mechanical Stress
11.09.2019, Fürth (Germany)

imgTechnical Committee Materialography
17.09.2019, Dresden (Germany)

imgTechnical Committee Bioinspired and Interactive Materials
18.09.2019, Dresden (Germany)

imgExtrusion Committee - Annual Meeting 2019
25.09. - 27.09.2019, Mönchengladbach (Germany)

Further dates of DGM further education & training courses

imgDrawing of wires and tubes - basics, materials, processes
21.10. - 23.10.2019, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany)

Registration now possible!

04.11. - 08.11.2019, Bonn (Germany)

Registration now possible!

imgMaterials engineering of metalss
04.11. - 06.11.2019, Aachen (Germany)

Registration now possible!

imgModern coating processes
05.11. - 06.11.2019, Witten (Germany)

Registration now possible!

DGM Conferences & Exhibitions

Communications & New Media

The International Journal of Materials Research (IJMR) publishes original high quality experimental and theoretical papers and reviews on basic and...

Practical Metallography (PM) is an organ of the DGM and works closely with its technical committee for materialography.

In cooperation with the renowned scientific publisher Springer Spektrum, the German Society for Materials Science has created a book series for...


About 160 participants accepted the invitation of the Materials Research Institute (IMFAA) and visited the 3rd Aalen Materials Microscopy...

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