Dear members and friends of the DGM, dear readers,

At the end of the year we can look back on 2018 as an extremely eventful year for the DGM with numerous successful events. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to look forward to 2019, the year in which our society will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

We are currently experiencing a very intensive look back in the various media on the events of 100 years ago, which shaped and changed Germany and Europe in a unique way. We are reminded that Germany became a parliamentary republic after the incredible atrocities of the First World War, that the women's right to vote was introduced, as well as an eight-hour day. It was also a time of great uncertainty and constant attacks on this young republic by radical forces on both sides of the political spectrum.

During this period, a group of wise, far-sighted and responsible men met in Berlin on 27 November 1919 to intensively discuss - and ultimately decide on - the founding of a "German Society for Metallurgy" from various perspectives. We can all read details of the founding meeting, since the DGM General Manager Dr. Frank O.R. Fischer found the minutes of the meeting in the estate of William Guertler, one of the founding fathers of the DGM, in the library of the UCSB in Santa Barbara. The reading of these minutes (see here) is extremely informative. One recognizes that already all essential tasks of the DGM were outlined, from the "mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences" over the "further development of the metal science" up to the "consultation over the special training of the engineers".

Since its foundation by "the Privy Councillors and Professors", DGM has developed brilliantly in many different directions. So, it is by no means only the "older men" who drive our field forward: The proportion of women is rising continuously, and young talents are also conquering their place. And it is no longer just the metals that characterize our DGM: The proportions of all other groups of materials and the resulting composites have complemented today's "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde" (German Materials Society) to form an extremely multi-colored mosaic that, with mutual inspiration, accelerates further materials research. At the same time, DGM has always succeeded in further expanding the international integration that was already important to the founding fathers and in ensuring a balance between science and application that is as exciting as it is beneficial, both in terms of content and personnel.

All these topics and thoughts give us the opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary next year, but also to take the opportunity to reflect on the content and to determine an international position, to cultivate tradition appropriately and to come up with new ideas. We would be delighted if you would actively support us in this.

With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading the DGM Newsletter.

Best regards


Dr. Oliver Schauerte                                      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Mücklich  

Leiter Forschungsfeld Werkstoffe                 Leiter Lehrstuhl für Funktionswerkstoffe

und Fertigungsverfahren                                Universität des Saarlandes und

Volkswagen AG                                             Material Engineering Center Saarland

DGM-Präsident                                              DGM-Präsident


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